1. The guys at POP magazine have live streamed the installation view.

    Jellyfish surrealism beaming out into the world!

  2. We love you liverpool but we have to leave you for now… The jellyfish will remain though!

    Giving a talk at Gazelli Art House, Dover street at 2.30 - if you’re in the area pop by! X

  3. Midnight installations - Gazelli Art House.

    So, we have built an installation that is currently in Toxteth, Liverpool, for the Biennial. ‘The Physical Possibility Of Inspiring Imagination In The Mind Of Somebody Living’. We have taken over a old building in a quiet street and installed a massive tank of jellyfish hidden behind a shutter.

    Every night at 10pm the shutter opens to reveal these ethereal creatures emanating light and entrancing  passers by. 

    The work appeared anonymously, without press or pomp, in order to allow people to experience the surreal situation with genuinely fresh eyes and to allow time for the natural word of mouth, (which shows such a rich fabric of community in this area), to do its work. 

    It did, and we have had an incredible response, it has been amazing to engage with people on the street experiencing and enjoying the work. 

    Now for the first month of the Liverpool Biennial, the view from within the tank is being filmed and live streamed, projected directly onto the windows of Gazelli Art House, London. 

    The enlarged visions of jellyfish can be seen floating through the London night, linking the two cities until 26th July. If you look closely, you can often see cars go by and observers from the street in Toxteth gazing back at you through the installation. 

    If you are in either city, pop by and enjoy the surrealism…

    Live Stream - 10pm - 1am

    Gazelli Art House, Dover Street, Mayfair, London

    53 High Park Road, Toxteth, Liverpool

    For those of you who aren’t night owls - An exhibition of works inspired by the piece is also currently on show in Gazelli Art House, so if you’re about in the day you can check it out too!

  4. Set 2 - 

    A few more pics from the opening night…

  5. Set 1 -

    Here’s some pics from our Gazelli Art House show opening on thursday -more to come.

    It was a really fun evening with so many great faces there, thanks for coming peeps! 



  7. Celebrating friends & Synchronicity…

    The last few days have been a wondrous whirl of organising jellyfish-related tasks in London interspersed with some delightful distractions in our friends’ work. 

    So proud to see Polly’s new play HOTEL at the National on wednesday - It is epically surprising - we’ll give nothing away, go and see it for yourself if you can get tickets! Pics are of Polly’s eloquent talk after the play - no she’s not being chastised for completely smashing up the set!

    Then we’ve just returned from Harris Elliot & Dean Chalkey’s phenomenal show opening tonight at Somerset House- RETURN OF THE RUDEBOY. Harris is sitting in the chair of the barbers shop they’ve installed in Somerset house for the duration of the show (10 weeks). Go see it - its free - even better, get your hair cut - submersive experience of the art!

    The bottom pic is a paper jellyfish in the Tate curated windows of Liberty store. Is it just us or are the jellyfish getting everywhere now ;)


  8. Righty, 

    As some of you may already know, we have been back and forth to Sicily and setting up to do a project out there (which has been postponed for a bit…). 

    It is an amazing place, incredibly calm and the countryside is breathtakingly beautiful. The town itself supports a wonderfully simple way of life that reminds us of the essence of genuine wealth. The wealth of taking time to breathe, be calm, be excited, enjoy your surroundings, enjoy the company and definitely enjoy food. It is an inspirational and evocative environment.

    So, some of the lovely peeps we met in this beautiful hillside town are setting up an art residency in the area. This is a massive undertaking and will be a phenomenal opportunity to allow others to go out there and be creative in such a beautiful space. 

    Here’s the link to their site, have a looksie, and here’s the link to their indigogo site, please give them your support as much as you can!


    Any of our friends that want to support them and get more involved, then you can go stay in our house out there too!! can’t get a better bonus than that!

    Plus if Ray Winstone believes in it, what more persuasion do you need?? 

    get involved :)



  9. Installation starts & Art Basel Hong Kong

    Day one of installing our piece for the Liverpool Biennial was yesterday. We’re very excited to see it all take shape and to be creating a piece in the heart of a community outside the normal gallery show space.

    We can’t say where it is situated yet, as we are having a silent opening, letting the work just appear in situ. Hope the locals like it! Weeks more of installing to go still. Will keep you all posted when it goes live.

    Also just found out that our work is on show at Art Basel Hong Kong, at the mo. If anyone’s out there, that wants to have a look, head to the Gazelli Gallery stand & let us know what you think.

    action stations x


  10. Check out the Cob Gallery’s recently founded charity - Cobble Together. Amazing work they’re doing inspiring young minds and bringing even more art into the local community. 

    Their current exhibition of the film Eleanor, by Alex Warren & Tobias Ross-Southall, starring Ruth Wilson is absolutely worth a look!!

    They are also auctioning off a series of postcards by artists linked to the gallery, for which we’ve donated some work - see the link for all the postcards.

    Go have a looksie.