1. Check out the Cob Gallery’s recently founded charity - Cobble Together. Amazing work they’re doing inspiring young minds and bringing even more art into the local community. 

    Their current exhibition of the film Eleanor, by Alex Warren & Tobias Ross-Southall, starring Ruth Wilson is absolutely worth a look!!

    They are also auctioning off a series of postcards by artists linked to the gallery, for which we’ve donated some work - see the link for all the postcards.

    Go have a looksie. 

  2. walterhugoandzoniel:

    Shooting with brass lenses and Globe Trotter Camera this week. Lovely crew! X

  3. Creative wonders, fun times & one-liners (courtesy of Kim) with Fred Butler & Kim Howells on Monday.
    Working with our new camera freshly built by globetrotter, shooting art works for Fred’s upcoming show at KK outlet during LFW. Exciting! Images to come :)

  4. Buone Natale! Setting up studio Sicilian style. Long way to go yet to start on the next work. Merry Christmas to you all! View from the top of our town.

  5. Walter & Ted’s portraits in the wash tanks. Collaborating with the brilliant Ted Dwane for his exhibition - A Show Of Faces. It’s on for the next week in the London Newcastle space on Redchurch street. Go down and check it out. As well as Teds work he’s shot over the past years, we have loaned him the giant camera to shoot positive portraits on during the show. He’s rapidly filling up the walls in there with wonderful faces captured in situ.
    We’ll both be about in the following week producing some fun work together too.
    Well done Ted!


  6. Check out Erol’s amazing first release on Mi7

    (Source: erolsabadosh)

  7. stampmag:

    "Developing negatives directly onto walls to produce mercurial murals, Walter Hugo’s latest exhibition, Developing Shadows, merges early photographic processes with modern science and classical styles with a contemporary concept"

    Click image for more on ‘Developing Shadows’ in our latest Arts&Culture feature.

    Old school wall prints…

  8. jsbishopp:

    Walter Hugo: Coating and exposing photographs onto actual walls!

    One from the cob gallery installation :)

  9. Some shots of the show and the opening. Full of lovely peeps, thanks for coming down!
    For those that couldn’t make the opening, it’s at the new Paul Smith gallery, No. 9 Albermarle st, Walter & I are at the space over the next week, come say hi! Xx

  10. We had some fun yesterday with the cosmic Fred Butler and the casual J J Pistolet, plates look amazing getting excited about seeing all 50 faces soon. :)